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STYLESTALKER Chillin Skirt & STYLESTALKER Net Tank via Edwards Modern Vintage  (similar on sale here} | Dion Lee Line II crop | Ginger & Smart Shapeshifter booties | Celine trio

In the final of four in my collab with Edwards, Stylestalker bring their game with my kind of work wear just in time for a new year and a whole new outlook on how I operate in my daily life.

Reflecting and archiving is not the same as dwelling in the past. It is not anti-living, but a part of life, even a crucial one. We do this to highlight one thing above others, so that a special moment can take up more space in our brains than an inconsequential one; so that, by plain math, our personal worlds contain more good things and fewer bad ones. Or more interesting things and fewer blah ones, since you have to record the bad, too.” – Tavi

Beginning a New Year and ending the old whilst standing still brings a sort of old melancholia combined with a healthy dose of *wake up day dreamer* to the front of my mind. The constant movement and mayhem that surrounds us in each moment is how I thrive, and the opportunities presented to me & mine on a daily basis really continue to shock me awake each morning, and wonder how the hell did I get here… (and why the hell is this dog asleep on my head.. seriously, we need to close the bedroom door more often).

I fell into the first of January thinking that maybe I had worn out my welcome in the cosmos, and that 2014 might be dull and boring and all things normal. But apparently normal for us is the reoccurring happenings that don’t really happen to any other families around here, and the madness that an over committed calendar brings to our house.

So of course…mesh tanks & zippered skirts aren’t exactly appropriate for the office in which I work… but outside my *real* life, this final outfit is the most me ~ normal, neutral, easy to eat copious amounts of cheese in, and complimented by the most glorious booties (that I was loath to hand back)…

I’ve spent a lot of the last week looking back as well as looking forward. As as the werk/lyfe balance starts to kick in, I’m reminded of why I undressed & then repeatedly strutted back and forth on top of the Pac Fair carpark on a Saturday afternoon a lil while back – I’m mental. And I love it.


Photography :  Pixie Bella Photography

HHCF for local lovers edwards modern vintage.


2 Comments to “HHCF Style | Stylestalker”

  1. Hélène says:

    That skirt is so chic, great look!

    I like to think of the new year a metaphorical reboot button. It’s full of positive energy, when you think about it.

    Great blog!

    xx Hélène


  2. Lucinda says:

    With each new year comes both chances to reflect and plan. Sounds like you’re doing both and diving in headfirst (plus eating all the cheese, I approve).

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