Tis the season

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December 25th 2013 ~ January 2nd 2014

Wearing Zimmermann playsuit | MLM dress & Arlinton Milne clutch | Triangl swim

Yamba at Christmas is something special, that sort of buzz you don’t really remember till it’s on top of you and you’re overwhelmed with all the texts & calls, and people back home, and things to do, and places to meet, and meals to plan and all of a sudden you’re the white rabbit ~ late again running about with a bottle of champagne in hand not sure who you were meant to hand it to.

After so much time away from home this year, we made the choice to sit and be still and be at home with the local folk, the fam, the dog, the rabbit, the sunshine.. and it seems to have been our busiest season yet. But when we are surrounded by so much love, amazing food, glorious sandy stretches & laughter … so much laughter… then to be busy at home is just perfection.

A week or so away from the blog, away from the office, away from the real world – yet still at home – made things switch over a little easier with the New Year kicking in. The ever reliable internet provider at home *sarcasm scale off the charts* is still offline, and whilst I should be spending my lunch break today running errands, paying bills, questioning whhhhyyy I don’t have broadband in my lounge room yet could access it on a cliff in Indonesia… I choose to spend it again cramming as much social activity in as possible, lunch dates with those still lucky enough to be on annual leave, and live music tonight on sunset.. I mean really – I have no other option.

Tis the season after all (still?)

How has your holiday season looked my loves?

A x


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2 Comments to “Tis the season”

  1. Alli says:

    We chose to stay at home too. After being away most of November & December, it was lively just to kick back & enjoy being at home. Glad you had a wonderful break x

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