HHCF Travel | Ace Hotel

Sweet child your such a princess now
I love the rainbow on your brow
I love your rainbow, oh no it’s winter
Living in another space
just ace
Thanks i’m over it

HHCF_Ace Hotel_herheart HHCF_Ace Hotel_herheart HHCF_Ace Hotel_herheart HHCF_Ace Hotel_herheart HHCF_AceHotel_herheart HHCF_AceHotel_herheart HHCF_AceHotel_herheart HHCF_aceHotel_herheart HHCF_AceHotel_Herheart


There’s something about the desert that’s intrinsic to a commandeered kind of freedom.

One hot night alone in this place and next thing you know the wind’s unbuttoned your collar and you’re steering a stolen el Camino into the wild blue.

Thanks to The Ace Hotel.


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1 Comment to “HHCF Travel | Ace Hotel”

  1. Adelle says:

    Oh my gawd, I would love to be here right now!

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