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The eternal struggle I’ve encountered  over the past 14 years as a “Human Woman vs Mother” is real.

Throw into the mix the every-day-feels that come along with being a daughter/best friend/sister/lover/acquaintance/colleague/wife/worker/woman and your daily personae becomes muddled and confused as it is.

We are women who no longer fit into the demographic of the glossy mags – and our lifestyles rarely do – but we still want to pop on a lippy or wear a decent pair of shoes. Because we can. I find as an intelligent, education and blatantly feminist Mother, I also get brushed off a lot for talking fashion or “bothering myself with silly clothes”. I certainly do not want people to feel that they have to dress up or dress a certain way every day. I’m very much about celebrating our differences. It would be a boring old world if we all looked the same.

But ‘Mom Style’ doesn’t have to mean mom jeans and yoga pants, or debating the pyjamas over full face of makeup when ducking out to get milk, no matter what the generation you come from. But more power to you if that’s the way you feel that day. I define style as my sense of self. My personality that oozes through no matter what I might be wearing physically, style is an undercurrent of soul and how I express myself.

Clothes are my hobby, style is my life.


So this week, amidst the commercial totality that Mother’s Day has become, I asked my inner circle the question “What was the one piece of style advice your Mum taught you as a Woman?


Mel Anderson; Manager Podium Boutique Yamba~

“Being yourself will never go out of style” my fondest memories are of my Mum making our clothes as kids we had our own style. It wasn’t about what everyone else had. I appreciate it more as an adult now with some of the amazing pieces of clothing my Nan & Mum have made for me over the years and knowing they were made with love.

Bianca Dougherty; Owner Blossum & Co Grafton~

Mum taught me to always choose a quality piece over cheaper alternatives. It’s worth spending that little bit extra on something made beautifully that will last you a long time. 

Hayley Talbot; Stylist & Marketing For the Love of Grace~

My Mum always reminds me ‘Don’t dress for comfort! You can be comfortable when you’re my age!!”, but I also just love the advice my Nana gave me when my first son was born “When you’re a Mother you’ve got to fight for your glamour!!” 

Belinda Sanders; Owner Belinda’s Store Yamba~

 I don’t recall there being any one piece of advice. However, we never left the house without our collars popped, our pearls on and our clothes pressed to perfection. We were always immaculate and I’ve always carried that. As a family we never wore black. And we still don’t. We were taught that colour and prints and being the loudest in the room was ok. I do recall being told “You probably won’t ever be the most beautiful in the room but you can always be the best dressed.”  

We always shopped in boutiques. Never ever chain stores. And my shopping behaviour is still the same. And shoes. Mum always had the perfect shoe for every outfit and I certainly am happy to follow that path!

And from the daughters out there…

Mel Carrero; Marketing Spell Designs~

It doesn’t have to be a brand to be cool, and never be ashamed trawling through the op shops and garage sales! If you visualise what you want before you go thrifting it will be there!

Georgia Martin; Communications Consultant & Stylist~

My mum isn’t big on brands or trends and getting caught up in it all. She is relaxed with style so it’s always been very simple advice. If it’s uncomfortable you’ll never wear it, stick to the classics and dress for your body shape. Invest in a well fitting bra! Black is always the first option, and the second and the third. These next two may be more beauty advice; but invest in shampoo and conditioner you always look better with your hair done no matter what your wearing and wear an SPF every day. The last one is one that I’m so thankful I had instilled in me from a very young age. Being sun safe and having my pale skin is the best advice I have ever received.

The Clarence Valley’s most stylist Mums have found a way to balance looking good with parenthood, crafting stunning yet practical ensembles that can win over the most discerning critics across the industry…

Well, not all of the critics ~ sometimes our kids don’t tend to notice much.



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