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Ahh the Monday promises to self.
Green juice and coconut pancakes on the way to work. 2 litres of water at my desk. Downloading the Nike+ app and lining up a 4 week workout plan. Attempting to avoid the several cafes within walking distance of my desk. Swearing to stay sober for the next however long… it’s all well and good until 6pm hits and my inbox is overflowing and my mind just wants a little treat for making it through another chaotic day…
It’s a vicious cycle!
Soooo instead of that, today we are going to cycle our legs (sorry, caffeine withdrawals mean more bad puns).
Targeted muscles: Gluts, Inner + outer thighs, core
HHCF_Wellness_The Brighside
Exercise 1 – Kneeling Side lifts
  1. Starting in a table top position on your hands and knees. Extend your right leg behind you, resting your toes on the floor. Pivot on your left knee opening out to the right side and taking your right hand to your right hip.
  2. Inhale to engage your core and prepare (focus here on squeezing the belly button in towards your spine).
  3. Exhale lift the right leg off the floor, making sure the leg stays straight with pointed toes.
  4. Inhale to lower the leg back down to the ground to allow the toes to touch.
  5. Repeat for 20 reps.
Exercise 2 – Kneeling Side Circles
  1. After you have finished your leg lifts keep the right leg lifted and start to draw circles with your leg. Here you again want to make sure the leg is straight and your toes are pointed to ensure you are engaging all the little muscles within your leg. Keep the circles small (think the size of a tennis ball) and really focus on drawing slow, controlled circles. The slower more controlled the harder this will be.
  2. Repeat for 10 in one direction before reversing your circle for an additional 10 the other way.
Have a happy & healthy week ahead lovers.
Thanks to The Brightside for another HHCF Wellness Post.


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