awkward moments in a shopping mall

She was two feet back, leaning away from him, trying not to smell that musk, that scent, that taste that ripped out her heart each time. He leant forward, inspecting each of her limbs, seeing what had changed, what he had missed in the last two years past.
Two years that had flown and skipped and soared past them without either Dan or Laura even noticing.
His eyes burnt grey, small flashes here and there of well made accessories bought on trips without her, with another, that they had once talked about and planned. The rough tang of cigarette smoke that used to lie underneath was gone, but she did not ask in case he asked of her the same thing, and she may not pass. He hadn’t changed, she hadn’t changed, but everything had moved, was off kilter, was new and it felt quite odd and cold and, oh, so strained.
He stumbled over new words that he had used to use to describe Laura, “my girlfriend, she..” the words sort of stopped themselves before he even had a chance to finish.
The last time he was this close it had been so easy, the reach, the touch, the taste, but now, in the middle of ground zero Laura found herself forcing herself backwards, away, so that her hands wouldn’t touch
She wondered if that peach fuzz was still there and laughed when he asked he what she was smirking about; “nothing, it’s just..”
“We used to shop here for food” sat just beneath her tongue.
My god you smell so good.


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