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There was a moment, over dinner, when her breath caught against the conversation. The chilli salt was to hot, the room too cold, the discussion halted.

Laura caught it back again, gulping water and downing her drink in quite the un-ladylike manner. Dan oblivious as always, kept eating, while the waitress earnt her tip bringing Laura another wine.

Slim and lean, the black shift dress fell across her shoulder. His eyes strayed, and recognised, smirked and strayed away again. Laura almost excepted a ‘staff styled by..’ note to appear on the bill. She racked her memory for the girls face, a stranger, another of many that he denied knowing when they ate out.

The QLD’er verhanda wrapped around the house, reimagined as a boutique primarily and the place to be seen for dinner afterwards. The food was served small but tasty, and she knew somewhere in the back of her mind she wasn’t meant to finish what was on her plate. Desert, unmentioned, was obviously out.

Dan left for the men’s leaving Laura defenseless at the table, no warrior weapons of iPhone or book, as reception was nonexistent, and nothing more than her credit card fit in her clutch. Dans credit card remained at home. Again.

She thought of ordering seconds and devouring them whilst he was away from the table, knowing his customary cigarette would be extended to two to allow him time to follow that waitress behind the kitchen.

Laura reconsidered the tip.

Things were starting to look grim.


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