soon he will go


She was so sick of him, of his hair, his smell, his feet cold beneath the blankets. But he held her, and held her tight, and refused to let go.So she made him pies, and washed his shirts, and let his smell wash over her once he swam out to sea.
I can’t win – she thought.
Eventually, though, and one day soon- he would leave.

Something was happening, and it itched and she wasn’t sure what was causing it. There was a spot, a stain & she scrubbed until it bled; Lady M all over & again running through her head.

She kept waiting, but she kept waiting.

He rolled out of the waves, lucid and one with the sand, distorted and amiss in her vision. The sand was still cold, crackled against her skin, mixed in against the towel, the blanket, the empty coffee cup. Too many mornings washed away here on the beach, but she kept waiting.

Laura slammed shut the laptop on her desk, the post-it notes attached coming loose. Thank fuck it’s 5. The first of many Friday Marlborough’s lit before she was even out of the horrid non-smoking building. Hell in the guise of a steady income. I’d rather be fucking poor some days.

Dan was out the front already, lounging in his lizard-like way against the wall. God I’m going to pants him well tonight, she thought, before he spoke. She changed her mind after the first “babe” crossed his lips.


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