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Interview with Katrina Filewood  

July 2012 | DEX

Tell me about “her heart cries fowl”?

her heart cries fowl is all things my heart desires; fashion, designers, beauty, social media, family, music, art, food, short stories, tall tales and of course, coffee.

I show the latest collections & editorials from Australia designers and International fashion houses. I write about my own private travels and adventures, and my favourite spots across the Clarence Valley & beyond. It’s one part fashion blog, one part personal journal. I try to keep it quite anonymous, to protect myself & my family in such a small community as Yamba, but those that know me, know the blog is all me!

Why and when did you start “her heart cries fowl”?

I started her heart cries fowl as a private online diary in 2009 and it’s accidentally exploded from there. It began as my own creative writing outlet, and then slowly evolved into my complete obsession with all things sartorial as I made it more public. I found that with a career and a young family, I lost my own self for a while there and needed a place to let it all out. I began just posting my own work, and then included inspiration from across Australia and internationally. It grew from purely writing to a more visual diary, and as my own sense of style has grown as I’ve gotten older, it’s now become more of my own story of fashion, Australian designers and a creative life in a small town.

Is your blog targeted to a particular audience or age group?

I write & post what I love, so it’s quite an eclectic mix some days. I suppose you could say the target demographic is Australian women aged 18-40, but I have male readers as well.. I’d like to think that anyone could check out the site and find something to engage them. And then I’ve got an entire whole world in social media that I update daily.. Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin, Tumblr, Facebook. Some days it completely blows me away that I have this whole “other” life but it’s still a part of my daily life.

How was fashion week? How did you feel when you received your invitations?

Surreal. It’s the only word. I was in New Zealand with family when I got the invite to Melbourne Fashion Week and nearly had a meltdown in this tiny 200 person town with no Wi-Fi trying to book flights to Melbourne, and then to get the approval for Sydney Fashion Week only a fortnight later was just brilliant. Luckily I had annual leave up my sleeve! I was accredited as a Photographer so had a general all access media pass, but then was lucky enough to receive personal invites as well on the strength of my blog. I was also then amazingly gifted some invites from a beautiful friend who couldn’t attend herself, so I nabbed some amazing shows such as a front row seat at iconic designers Ginger & Smart’s 10th Anniversary show. Mindblowing.

Which shows did you attend?

In Sydney I was there for the full week of MBFWA & saw; Romance Was Born, Gail Sorronda, Camilla, Miss Unkon, Ginger & Smart’s 10 Anniversary Show, Maticevski, Toi et Moi, Sara Phillips, Watson X Watson, Kooey Swimwear, the Men’s Collections Show, the New Generation Shows that showcase upcoming Australian designers such as my new favourites Kahlo, Little Gracie & Ash to Gold; We Are Handsome, Suboo (that had an amazing pre-show breakfast on the 42nd floor overlooking the Harbour), and Akira.

I also got to attend some private collections showing off-site, for The Benah, Carly Paiker, Watson X Watson.

What were thoughts on the shows, fashion, and atmosphere?

It was five days of absolute running around, long long queues, no food, (a serious tragedy as I love my food, apparently models don’t!), loads of coffee and wine and nervously meeting up with people I’d only spoken to via email before! All the other high level bloggers and journos were so down to earth and helpful, and I met some quality people. Surprisingly no egos. The shows ranged from over the top art installations, to classic, to a very appealing menswear swim show. Lots of noise, lights, mayhem and people always dashing to “get to the next show”. Each of the 5 days were at least 9am-9pm and often longer. Fashion-wise, there was a lot of structured classic cuts, floral, peplums and metallic. By the end of the week, I was completely overwhelmed, but so inspired.

Did you have any celebrity sightings?

I was lucky enough to spend the day before and the pre-show with amazing designer Sara Phillips, assisting her prepare for her show on the Wednesday. I got to help out her studio getting everything ready for the show, and then dress the models on the day and be part of all the backstage madness on the day. Completely intoxicating!!

I also met up with Liberty Watson, one half of the designers Watson X Watson and got to view their collection privately before the show on the Thursday. Liberty is amazing woman, her & her sister come from Coffs Harbour and are just genuine girls with a brilliant talent and eye. Their collection was one of my stand outs.

What local store, local person, local area influences your blog and personal style the most?

My sister & my best friend have been the biggest influence in finding my own sense of style, especially after some years lost in the wild when I was younger! Other strong ladies who really influence my style are;
Belinda Sanders of Belinda’s Store.
Mel Anderson of Podium Yamba.
Kelly Smith of Smith & Brown Yamba.
Elizabeth and Isabella of Spell & the Gypsy Collective Byron Bay.

What’s next on the radar? 

I’ll be covering the Mercedes-Benz Coffs Coast Fashion Gala in August, and hopefully attending Brisbane Fashion Week later in the year for the spring shows as well!

New York Fashion Week is eventally set in my sites as well…


Many thanks to Katrina & the DEX!